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Anti Jazeez Movement Pakistan +92-300-9113675

Abbottabad, Pakistan
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    Yesterday, 23:26
We would like to thank everyone for their kind supports. “We need volunteers in every area,” non-profit organizations that is run 100% by volunteers. Easy Marriage Program There was a time when in same street & in the neighborhood a boy & girl’s play together & could come a life partner after they grew,people,s have access in houses each other’s & they participate in each other’s pain , thus engagement had settle when children grew, but gradually quest for comforts people’s away from each other’s & today situation in major cities that people’s don’t know that who live in neighborhood & facing what circumstances ,Selfishness & greeding is touching the end limits . Increasing in demand of dowry ,the bride’s family also begun a large amount for bride’s maher to secure his daughter,s future,thus cycle,s of this bad practce young generation too away from marrige & fallen in swamp. Due to greedy & selfish attitude,s parent,s open the adultery,s path & worried now on such circumstances that how exit from this condition when water passed on their head,s By the help of easy marriage programe DKI-NGO provide a reliable plateform to worried parent,s In this programe DK NGO provide not only the unpaid help to parent,s for their childeren even financial support also made for who adopt simplicity & doing marriage,s of their childeren according to SUNNT E MUHAMMADI . In addition DKI-NGO also arrange the simple marrige,s programe for poor & orphan girl,s in DKI-NGO house & bear whole expenses of such function . Under the easy marrige programe DKI-NGO wedlocked the many couple,s till now,while funds are also required at large scale to promote to this wonderful social plateform of DKI-NGO organisation for human welfare because this is need to remove evil,s from our society . Alhamdulillah there are DKI-NGO activities are beacon for local NGO,s there,s several NGO,s across the world prised the working of DKI-NGO & also took consultation to make the better their performance . DKI-NGO has seperate identification in local Pakistani NGO,s by it,s unique and practical social activities. Alhamdulillah DKI-NGO replaced the determination in practical & eighty percent amount of the monthly budget is spend on human welfare activities while only twenty percent amount spend on administrative work of DKI-NGO organization for human welfare. DKI-NGO dedicated team is busy without feel the weather,s affect or any unrest in the city Abbottabad which is our success. Anti Jaheez (Dowry) Movement Who don,t khow that how many lifes doomed on demand for dowry,how many doughter,s hanged ownself and several of thousand,s burnt in fire due to evil dowry while how many parent,s passes away due to this rite several of housand,s daughter,s having white hair but still awaiting to marriage although dowry is barrier to their marriage,s. The demand of dowry where promte the lure and selfishness there,s it made marriage difficult and costly. Indeed where marriage,s are difficult there,s adultery causes in routine and draging our society toward the destruction,which is common problem for rich and poor families . In rich families this set now with demand of car ,bunglow and groom,s monthly expences while middle class or poor families which are already been fight with joblessness,homelessness and unrest they are not able to face such demand,s causes deperation,domestic disputes even suicide atempt due to evil dowry. DKI-NGO movement of anti dowry is declaration against the evil in the powerful post,s of our dedicated social media team. DKI-NGO organization motivate the educated ppeople,s agaist dowry by the help of social media plateform and we can say that several of people,s refused the dowry at the event of marriage even proved practically to nto accept a single penny or a neddle in their marriages after inspired by DKI-NGO continuous communicative effort,s on internet. Their is no any example from any social istitute like DKI-NGO move to eliminate evil dowry from the society. Not only from Pakistan even from India,Bangladesh,Nepal and sri lanka sevral of thousand,s Views: 319